Hairstyling Tips and Tricks

Mara Roszak is a well known celebrity stylist in Hollywood.

She styles for photo shoots and award ceremonies. She has offered  up some of her celebrity tips that anyone can do themselves. Many Hair Salons In Kingman Arizona utilize and recommend these methods. Here are the best of those for you DIY types.

1. Washing Every Day is Hard on Hair

Over-washing can take much needed natural oils and leave your hair dry and dull. This is common knowledge o the Hair Salons in Kingman Arizona due to the dry climate. To preserve a healthy luster, wash no more than five times per week and try 3 times to see if that works for you. On alternating days, try a dry shampoo to remove extra oil. This will clean and freshen your hair without a complete shampoo and conditioning treatment. These products acts as a cleansing conditioner; cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing hair for fresh and polished look.

2. Touch Up With Water

Having a spray bottle filled with water as an emergency touch up helps with those unsightly (bad hair days). Just spritz your locks and blow-dry damp hair to reconstruct your style instead of shampooing.

3. Oil Is Important – Even For Fine Hair

The best Hair Salons in Kingman will tell you that oils will protect, nourish and moisturize hair for a beautiful mane. Even fine-hair needs oil, just a lot less than thicker hair. Apply a small amount of oil to your hair from mid-strand down directly after your shower. This will reduce tangles and you can follow up with small doses throughout the day to add moisture, shine and control.

4. Brush Quality Counts

A really good quality comb-out brush can make a big difference in your hair care. Hair follicles are weaker when wet and should be treated gently to avoid breaking. Look for a brush that is soft, straight bristled, and avoid those with a ball on the tip of the bristles.

5. There’s No “One Size Fits All” Product

Experiment a little and find products that match your hair type and styling goals. Maybe you want a little bit of shine, more lift or texture or more or less curl. Find a product suited to your needs and your personal hair objectives.

6. When You Blow-Dry, Go From Front to Back

The front of your hair is the focus of any hair style. Start at the front when blow-drying . Apply a small amount of priming spray and, using a round brush, start at the top of your head and your way down. This method will create greater volume and lift at the roots.

7. Braiding Can Create Natural Waves

Simply braid strands into a basic plait before bedtime. In the morning, unfasten the braid and use a texturizing spray to improve the waves created. If time is an issue, lightly run a flatiron over your braid before adding any products. This speeds up the setting process.

8. Make It Last All Day

There is no big secret that good strong holding hairspray is a must. To reinforce complex or tenuous dos, the old fashioned Bobbie pins still work best. Finally, use shine spray to finish and add a look that is streamlined and professional.